Laundry Room – before the finish

So, a laundry room did NOT exist in this house when we got it. The laundry hookup was in the kitchen. Well, we didn’t mind having the extra storage with these built in cabinets in the hallway and bathroom. However, it seemed like the perfect area to put a washer and dryer (stacked) and some shelves. Besides, the drawers were hard to open, the inside was smelly, and we weren’t particularly fond of the previous paint choices…

Before pics:

Here are pics of the before of these and with the drawers and cabinets taken out.




We put in proper sub-floor. Then we filled in the open part of the wall where the bathroom is. Next, we put in the connections for the washer and dryer. Lastly, we put up drywall to make proper walls.






We are going to be finishing off the drywall, painting the walls, putting in floors, and we’re getting the washer and dryer very soon. Stay tuned!

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