House Update – Bathroom and Living room

Hey everyone! We have some more updates to catch you all up on. Family came to visit last week and this weekend, so M&M had a break! Before that though, we were like busy bees doing projects. I’ve been inquired why I (Margaret) don’t take pictures of all the processes being done. Well, I will answer that here. I’m the other hands making these processes happen! haha Certain projects and objects are a bit much for just Mark to handle and he needs another set of hands. šŸ™‚ Below are some of the things we’ve been doing. Check it out!

Bathroom vanity before:

This is the original bathroom vanity. We put it on Craigslist if anyone is looking for a vanity this size. It’s pretty good quality but just not the style we were wanting.



Bathroom vanity after:

This is the new vanity! It’s a beautiful granite top that we just love. Gradually, the bathroom is coming together.



Living Room before:

Just want to note that earlier pictures of the living room are located in older posts. Once rooms are completely done, we can put the whole progression of it together. As you can see in these first pics that we ripped out the carpet (which was very smelly). Of all the rooms, I’ve been looking forward to working on the living room the most. lol

IMG_4941Ā  IMG_4944 IMG_4946

We painted the living room a light gray.



Here’s Mark in the midst of putting in the same wood laminate floor seen throughout the other rooms.



Living room after:

Here is the living room with the paint done and the flooring almost done. We still have to put in transition pieces to the kitchen and the exterior doors. The trim also is going to be nailed in soon. We will also hang some pictures on the walls very soon too.

IMG_4967 IMG_4970


Our living room is an interesting shape which includes an area for a table near the kitchen. We wanted to put ours in the kitchen which leaves an awkward space in the back of the living room. I came up with the idea of a reading nook in the back corner. Fun fact about me….I love to read! This layout may change someday when we get or make a larger second table. For now though, this works great. šŸ™‚


This is another area of the living room that is a different shape. I’m still trying to figure out what makes sense in this area. For now, there’s extra chairs and a lamp. For the wall, we were thinking of putting some of our pictures in a collage. (with frames) Maybe a family or vacations wall?


Here is the tile we plan to do on the fire place. We also have to put back the glass in front of it as well once that’s done. Then we have to figure out the tile to go on the bottom areas. Probably a gray toned one.


So that’s what we have now. I love seeing the whole house done at the end, but I have to admit, I love seeing the progression as well. I’ve learned for myself that sometimes the travel to get to a goal is just as important as getting to the goal. We love to put hard work into things and see and enjoy the results afterwards. The work makes the enjoyment even more. šŸ™‚

Stay tuned for updates soon!

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