House Update – Hallway, Foyer, and 2nd Bedroom

The past week or so has involved our 2nd bedroom remodel and hallway/foyer remodel. This included ripping out carpet, filling drywall holes, sanding, painting, flooring, and putting back the trim. We are also continuing on with our bathroom projects. Pictures for that will probably be next week. Here’s what we got.

2nd Bedroom Before:




2nd Bedroom After:



More Hallway (and now Foyer) After:

We painted and put down laminate wood flooring, as seen throughout other rooms. We do plan to change out the front door for one with a window. I love sunlight so more the more the better. We may also paint the door we plan to get a turquoise/teal color. We’re in the process of adding closet doors to the laundry area. It’s becoming a little bit of a struggle because they may be a bit close to the washer/dryer. It may involve changing the washer door to the other side.



IMG_4922 IMG_4920


My garage sale find! We wanted have some sort of coat hanging/key placing area near the front door. Currently, it’s being used for nail and hearing protection storage. I promise this will change eventually. lol Mark feels it’s good to keep these items in an easy place to find them. 🙂 Gotta keep this M&M remodeling machine running so I agreed.


Stay tuned for more updates soon!