Master Bedroom – the beginning, middle, but not quite done

Over the past months, we’ve been doing various projects around the house and yard. Now is the time where our vision is starting to come together in some rooms. Our master bedroom renovation is nearly done!

Before pics:

This is after we closed on the house. The room did not look horrible but had stickers on the walls, paint wearing off, paint stains on the trim, and smelly carpet.


The largest problem in this room was actually beneath it in the crawlspace. We found out through our inspection that there was some bug damage/rotting on the floor joists. Luckily, it is not in every single one and the bugs are not active. Over time working on this house, we have found fixable solutions to preventing any further problems such as gutter water drainage. You can see in the one picture the contrast of the worst floor joist and the new ones going in.





We also painted the room a little bit more modern color. It’s a light grey with a touch of blue to contrast nicely against the reddish trim.


After pics:

The last project we have done on this room so far is the floor. We put in a floating wood laminate floor that we believe matches the existing trim and is beautiful to look at too!




Once we get back to the master bedroom (because we have so many other projects needing finishing ha ha), we plan to put up white crown molding. Stay tuned for those pics and other ones to come!