An M&M Intro

Welcome to our joint blog! Our names are Mark and Margaret Bauman (M&M) and we love to renovate! We found this love for renovation when and after we renovated our first home together. There were three “tricks” to what we did that made it a great real estate investment and also what we would recommend. We bought it at a very low foreclosure price, did most of the remodeling work ourselves aka sweat equity, and we sold it for more then we bought it for plus more than what we put into it. Success!! And well, we are at it again. We are in another house where we will do various renovation projects.

We both have desk jobs during the day that we enjoy,  but we also feel we were created to renovate houses from ugly to beautiful. Join us on this journey of deconstruction, construction, questions and answers, waiting periods, big renovation steps, and overall successes. Ready…..set…..RENOVATE!!

Me in my work clothes. 🙂 Showing off my out-of-date but coming back in style/comfy work shorts.  I will have to get a “work” pic of BOTH of us.

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